Beatrising 20 January 2016

An aggregator of more than 1400 electronic music labels that provides services in terms of music distribution, promo handling, sales reporting and much more. Still running with Drupal 6 but heavily customized for maximum flexibility.

Poblenou Crea! 20 January 2016

Poblenou Crea! is a platform formed by creation spaces of the Poblenou district in Barcelona. The website has been imagined as an art registry of spaces and creators from various disciplines and as a tool for the promotion of events organized by Poblenou Crea!  

Phyrtual 21 January 2016

The Phyrtual.org platform is an interactive on-line environment to share projects and knowledge, socialize and promote social innovation experiences. We migrated the website from a highly customized Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, leaving as it was everything but some graphical retouch.

La Escocesa 20 March 2014

Website for an artistic creation center of the Barcelona City Council. For the old logo we got inspiration from the factory’s industrial origins whose main activity was textile production, including tartan. The ‘fabric’ concept, carrying the significance of network, connections, social relationships and cooperation, had been fundamental for the logo production.

ASSET 21 January 2016

The website serves as a repository of contents regarding public health, vaccine and epidemiological research, social and political sciences, law and ethics, gender studies, science communication and media curated by the ASSET project. For this website, apart the usual work on theme and structure, we developed a custom full-fledged newsletter module.  

FORUM PA Challenge 21 January 2016

The client needed a website that crowdsourced innovative solutions to known problems. We used Drupal 7 and interfaced it to Google Form to acquire the users’ proposals.

PASS Network 21 January 2016

We built this website for a network of associations of patients affected by sarcoma (a form of tumor). The purpose of the network is to foster the collaboration between both cancer centers and specialists and patients and their associations, providing tools for participation and discussion. Highlight of this project is the management of workgroups that collaborate on shared Google Drive documents.

ROI Besós 20 January 2016

The client needed a tool for social services professionals that allowed for an easy search of structure and resources in the Sant Adrià de Besòs municipality. We opted for a plain but colorful design and a custom map of the geolocalized centers.