Beatrising 20 January 2016

An aggregator of more than 1400 electronic music labels that provides services in terms of music distribution, promo handling, sales reporting and much more. Still running with Drupal 6 but heavily customized for maximum flexibility.

La Escocesa 20 March 2014

Website for an artistic creation center of the Barcelona City Council. For the old logo we got inspiration from the factory’s industrial origins whose main activity was textile production, including tartan. The ‘fabric’ concept, carrying the significance of network, connections, social relationships and cooperation, had been fundamental for the logo production.

Rufoo 20 January 2016

Logo and corporate image for the first ictiotherapy center en Barcelona.

Kannon Gyo 18 January 2016

Corporate image for the yoga and meditation center located in the Born district of Barcelona. Logo design have been realized using Indian ink, getting inspiration from oriental handwriting and following actual Feng shui guidelines.

Cotoners8 20 January 2016

Corporate image for the polyvalent space located in Contoners 8, right in the heart of Barcelona.